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Children of Medjugorje March Report


President: Arnold Ochs
Vice-President: Sister Emmanuel

Advisory Board:
Archbishop Frane Franic
Archbishop D. Peter Chung
Bishop Nicholas D'Antonio, O.F.M.
Bishop Michael D. Pfeifer, O.M.I.
Bishop Donald Montrose
Fr. Daniel Ange
Ralph Martin

March 15, 2007

Dear Children of Medjugorje
Praised be Jesus and Mary!

1. On March 2nd, Mirjana Soldo received her monthly apparition in public at the Cenacolo Community. After the apparition, she told us that the Gospa was very decisive. She said, Today, I will speak to you about what you have forgotten: Dear children! My name is love. That I am with you for so much of your time is love, because the Great Love sends me. I am asking the same of you.I am asking for love in your families. I am asking that you recognize love in your brother. Only in this way, through love, will you see the face of the Great Love.May fasting and prayer be your guiding star. Open your hearts to Love, namely, to Salvation. Thank you.

2. A joyful Lent!
Sometimes children show astonishing generosity when it comes to helping others. Invited by Our Lady to do small sacrifices for the realization of her plans, some become vigorous in their resolutions and offer us, the adults, an edifying example! Their little efforts described below promise to inspire all of us, and help us to continue to live Lent with joy! We know that even the most hidden sacrifice, offered with love, can save a soul.

Fast from any words that could hurt (13 years old)
To please Jesus by going to see him during mass on Thursdays (5 years old)
Stay happy all day (5 years old)
To remain quiet during the Rosary (5 years old)
I took noodles without chicken (8 years old)
I did not seek revenge (11 years old)
I did not complain while saying the Rosary (11 years old)
I refrained from lying (11 years old)

3. Petar Ivankovic
On February 21st, the father of Vicka Ivankovic Mijatovic died suddenly in his home, at the age of 76. The next day, he was buried in the little cemetery of Bijakovici, in the presence of most of the villagers. This wise and quiet man, emphasized the pastor during the funeral Mass, managed to feed his family of 8 children despite the dire poverty of the villages in Herzegovina during the Communist Era. To provide his family with enough for their survival, Petar found grueling work in Germany, while his entire family labored in the tobacco fields in Medjugorje. The family Rosary never ceased a day in the little, blue Ivankovic house. Zlata, Vicka's mother, shared with us that since the first day of the apparitions they had not been able to have one single meal without being interrupted by visiting pilgrims endlessly asking, Can I see Vicka? Where is Vicka? When will she be back? However all of us can witness the amazing patience of this family whose smile never grows weary.

With the departure of Petar Ivankovic, a whole generation has passed away and will not return. The generation of those who suffered for Medjugorje and who, through this trial, allowed the Gospa to fulfill a large part of her plans.
May our prayers for him be our thanksgiving!

Vicka, who has seen and even visited life after death, is displaying a light deeply anchored in her heart, despite the pain of losing such a dear parent. Rather than sorrowfully considering what is gone, she gives thanks for what God has given her! This beautiful attitude reminds me of the answer she gave me one day when I asked: Vicka, when the apparitions are over, it is going to be hard for you! After so many years of daily visits from Our Lady. I guess you dread the day when you will not see her anymore? Do you ask her not to stop coming?

Oh no! Vicka said. She knows when she will have to go! It will be according to God's will! When I don't see her anymore, I will tell her with all my heart: 'I thank you for appearing to me all these years!' You see, every single one of her visits is a great gift and, as far as I am concerned, I can only be filled with gratitude to her! It is good to ask but one must also know how to say thank you!

4. Saint Joseph never tires!
I made a promise to the tender spouse of the Mother of God to always mention him before his feast day (March 19th), so that more people may love him. Among the many graces he has gained for us, there is a very simple one that says it all about his good heart:

Gaby M., 23, is one of our helpers in Medjugorje. As she had never really experienced St. Joseph's help when in need, we wanted her to realize what joy she was missing. Last December she heard that a very dear community she knew in France did not have a Nativity Scene for its chapel. The community was too poor, and they could not afford to buy one. But celebrating Christmas without a crib just isn't the same. Something big would be missing! When Gaby shared the situation of this community with us, we answered: Pray to St. Joseph that he will give a Nativity Scene to them!
No. She said. It is not going to work. They want a scene with figurines eight inches high. It's too expensive and very rare.
I see. I said. So you think that St. Joseph is nothing? You think that he is incapable of finding a Nativity Scene that size?
Well, I am just afraid it is not going to work, and anyway we are so close to Christmas.
Why don't you just forget your fear and persevere! Go for it! Ask St. Joseph to present them with the perfect crib. The one that is right for them. Better yet, why don't you draw it exactly the way it should be, and place the paper under his statue? And you will see the awesome power of St. Joseph.
So she did. The drawing was placed under the statue with all the details. Two days later, she received a call from the same community. People had come to visit them bringing one figurine from a Nativity Scene. They wanted to buy the whole set for the community but wanted first to make sure this size was OK.
What figurine did they bring? Gaby asked.
St. Joseph
How big is he?
Around 8 inches, it is incredible! They brought just the right size for us!
That is St Joseph! She whispered lovingly, dumbfounded by the swiftness and tenderness of this Saint!
A few days later, the whole Nativity Scene arrived with the rest of the figurines, including the shepherds and a camel.

Dearest Gospa, your name is LOVE!
Therefore you are the happiest woman on earth. Please help us!
May today be the day when we start loving!

Sister Emmanuel +
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